Photo by Derek Halsey Photography
Photo by Derek Halsey Photography

Berber Nomad Trekking

Hello, my name is Ilias. I am a nomad, I am an adventurer, I am a berber man. I breathe, live and hike in the wilderness. Come on and join me to the wild!

I live in the central part of Morocco, 300 km east from Marrakesh. I have been having trekking tours from 2011, altogether over 200 visitors, from 1 person to big groups. I am your true companion and friend when we trek to the beautiful nature of Morocco. With me, you can see the real Morocco and the traditional berber lifestyle. You are being a part of our family, living just like we do. Just come here, and I will take care of everything.

The Mountain Experience

From Marrakech, traveling outside the usual tourist routes, in shipment between wilderness and ancient cultures and traditions, to contact the most authentic part of ourselves and access to age-old healing and magical knowledge.

The variety of landscapes and intensity of sensations characterizes this rich itinerary in Morocco: the mountain paths of the Berber villages, precious argan and rose oil and the meeting of the Berber women who produce them and retain the secrets, sign a beneficial relationship between man and the environment, inspiration for a trip of knowledge and attunement with nature.




Berber Cooking

Berber Music & Dance

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The Desert Experience

I’ve been running trekkings in the Sahara Desert in Morocco since 2011 and it just keeps getting better and better. We'll be singing at night, telling stories under the full moon, walking in the dunes. Every year I see people open up as the trekking goes along and everyone leaves as a slightly different person. Looking up at the millions of stars overhead stretching into infinity we’re reminded of how precious each moment of our lives is. You’ll be blown away by the majestic dunes, the brightness of the stars in the desert and the magic of the Sahara.


Trekking the Canyon in Dades Valley

“For everyone looking for real Morocco, Dades Valley is a must visit. Groves of olive and fig trees, silent kasbah ruins from the past, Berber architecture and friendly people. From what I have seen in two weeks in Morocco, Dades Valley is one of the most picturesque places I have seen. Its sheer mountain walls and fantastic geological rock formations add to its uniqueness and splendour, especially when the sun is shining and the sky is clear blue.”

Berber Phrases for Travel to Morocco

Berbers (Amazigh) are the indigenous people of Morocco and Northern Africa. Most figures put the Berber population of Morocco at around 40 percent of the nation’s 32 million people, though almost 80 percent of the country claims at least some Berber heritage. Berbers have their own language, Tamazight, a very old language. The Berber languages have had a written tradition for over 2000 years, they are written in the Tifinagh alphabet, the oldest dated inscription is from about 200 BC.

“Why I like Dades Valley so much”

“Apart Dades I’ve seen many other beautiful places and towns in Morocco: Tangier, Chefchaouen, Rabat, Casablanca, Bouznika, Essaouira, Taghazout, Agadir, Marrakech, Ourika Valley, Ouarzazate, Merzouga and the desert. I’ve been travelling often in the country in the last two years but, in Dades Valley, I feel at home and I visit every time that I go back.”

"I found what I was looking for in Morocco: beauty, harmony of nature, art and music."


There are some moments in life that you just cant put into words. I simply spent one of the best times of my life with Ilias and his family. Ilias is surely very easy going, friendly, open minded and hospitable. Moreover, he has a great heart and you would hardly find anyone who could guide you better in the mountains than he does. He knows every single stone, tree and flower and he shows you all these beautiful things with such passion that it makes you want to stay there forever!

Ilias is also an excellent cook! The tajine he made for us was indisputably the best one that I ever tasted in whole Morocco! Still cant forget the taste! Well, sometimes you just meet people that change your life. For me, Ilias is definitely that kind of person and you just cannot help yourself from falling in love with the beautiful place where he lives. This calm place with wild mountains, rocks, breathtaking views and soothing sound of the river is the real paradise!

Veronika, Czech Republic

I spent 5 days in Dades with Ilias , and that was an amazing time! His place is one of the highlight in my trip!

We explored the spectacular canyon, hiked to the top of the mountains, made couscous in the normand cave... and I learnt the berber life and culture.

He is friendly, thoughtful, adventurous, easy going and a real free climber! I would totally recommend to stay with him!

Thank you Ilias, your family and all the others!


Echo, New Zealand

My stay with Ilias was a great experience. The valley is enchanting and landscapes I've seen breathtaking. Ilias is a kind host, flexible and caring. He showed me very nice places around and also cooked very good food. In his place I found what I was looking for in Morocco: beauty, harmony of nature, art and music.

Silvana, Italy

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