Berber Lifestyle

Experience Berber Lifestyle in my village

Before or after we are trekking in the mountains, and maybe before we are heading to the desert, would you like to see how the real berber woman live and work in the village? Berbers have a rich and very old culture, that you now have the opportunity to see and experience yourself.

  • learn how to cook traditional food (couscous, tajine, bread cooked on fire...)
  • learn about medical plants in the area
  • learn how to weave a traditional Berber carpet
  • visit women association producing thyme oil and roses water, oil and soap
  • learn how the community takes care of river and fields
  • pick fruit and vegetables in the gardens (when season)
  • make Berber henna tattoos

Contact me and ask more.

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Berber Nomad Trekking
Photo by Website Nomad / Harriet Eriksson