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  1. Julius on 14.11.2016 at 22:00

    My girlfriend and I stayed with Ilias for 2 nights and we had an amazing time. Ilias knows a lot about his area and is a very nice guy. The place to stay at his family house is big and comfortable. The food is very delicious as well. We also enjoyed the hiking. First it also included a little bit of climbing which was sometimes a little bit of challenging but it was a lot of fun. Staying in the caves with a nomad family was amazing as well. I totally recommend Ilias as a guide and as someone to hang out! You will enjoy your time! Thanks Ilias for everything!

  2. Steph on 15.11.2016 at 04:30

    I had a great time with Ilias and his beautiful family in the amazing scenery of Dades valley. I enjoyed the hike through the valley and gardens of the village, its very peaceful there. Thank you for the nice experience spending time with you and your family!!

  3. Derek Halsey on 15.11.2016 at 18:03

    Recently made my first trip to Africa / Morocco with my friend from France. We had no idea what to expect and ended up reaching Ilias in Dades Valley by luck. And what luck it was! Ilias took us into his home, sharing meals with his family and going on amazing treks through the surrounding canyons and mountains. The only down-side to this whole experience was that we only had one week and not more.

    The nature is absolutely beautiful, the people warm and Ilias brings together the very best of Morocco for you.

    A lot of the pictures on this website are from our trip – what an experience – can’t wait to see Ilias again – thank you!

  4. Federico on 17.11.2016 at 07:58

    Great guy! We went trekking together in Atlas mountains and slept one night in nomads’ caves. He’s very expert guide and his couscouscous cooked on a fire is really yummy! Next time we’ll go trekking in desert Ilias ok?..;) Best regards to your family and friends!..:)

  5. Monica on 17.11.2016 at 16:28

    We stayed with Ilias a couple of days and trekked with him in the mountains. The places he showed us are really incredible! The colours of the lanscape are the same he has on his jacket and my favourites..;)
    Next time I will ask where i can buy one, ok Ilias?
    He’s very professional and patient as guide but, at the same time, he’s very funny and you never get bored with him. He speaks English and French so very easy to get good informations about amazigh culture and trips in Morocco.
    Tanks for all Ilias and regards to your family..:)

  6. Nina D on 21.11.2016 at 21:50

    I like to explore by myself and I am good to find my way. Usually I hate organized touristic tours. I must say, without Ilias as a guide and his welcoming family, I will probably miss the essence of Dades Valley: washing my laundry with the women of the village, sharing tea and listening songs with nomadic sheperds, learning to cook a berber omelette in tajine, eating daily fresh bread baked in a wooden mudd oven, having home made hammam in the yard, witnessing a berber wedding, touching the snow after 6h trekk in the canyon, snaking through narrow gorges, watching the stars from my cave at night… No guidebook can provide you the authenticity.

  7. Magda&Dirk on 30.11.2016 at 18:38

    If you don’t like corporate tourism, but you like having an authentic experience, Ilias is your guy. He will listen to your needs and provide a perfect opportunity for a fantastic adventure. We stayed in his hospitable home with his lovely family, we let him guide us through the beauties of Dades Valley, we ate delicious food he made and had interesting conversations. Ilias is a laid-back, super patient, caring and intelligent guide with lots of knowledge to share. In an unpretentious way he will lead you through a cultural and historical nuances of his country as well as through awesome landscapes. He supports local community. If we ever go back to Morocco (inshallah!), we will ask Ilias to be our guide again.
    Magda and Dirk (Gent, Belgium)

  8. Gianni on 22.01.2017 at 01:10

    Sure one of the best experience in my life. Ilias will make you discover the food and culture of Berber people. Moreover, you will have the chance to visit places of breath-taking beauty, like the Monkey Fingers Mountain and the Atlas Canyon. He will bring you to sleep in the desert and see how beautiful are the stars during the night in the Sahara. It is a unique experience in life.

  9. Charity on 08.02.2017 at 20:20

    I don’t usually recommend places to go to other travelers (or write references) because I believe that following your intuition and not having a fixed plan is an important part of the adventure. But I really had the BEST TIME EVER with Ilias and if you’re going to stay with him adventures are guaranteed anyway.
    So I stayed with Ilias for 6 days and he showed me his traditional Berber culture. If you want a REAL authentic experience (not touristy) and if you like adventures (living the real life not luxury resort stuff) then Ilias is your guy. He took me trekking into the mountains, which were basically his backyard, took me to visit a nomad family who lived in a cave, took me to the dessert riding a camel and taught me how to make traditional Moroccan food. He really adapted the plan to my preferences and was super kind and thoughtful.

  10. Bruna Quadros on 11.02.2017 at 13:06

    Ilias is a very nice person and a skilled guide.
    He took us to a cave in the Atlas Mountain. We did some trekking and climbing to get there. It was an amazing adventure!!! I just loved how we did yoga under the stars! I will never forget that particular cold and beautiful night<3

    We spent a night at his place, where we learnt a lot about moroccan culture. There, we shared a meal (his mom bakes a delicious bread and couscous) and watch soap operas with his parents.

    With him, we went also to Todhra and Gorges Valley. Beautiful landscape/ view!!

    Later on, we went to Merzouga desert. Where we had some berber music and great photos.

    Call him and have a 100% guaranted Berber Nomad Trekking experience!

  11. Lena on 09.04.2017 at 22:57

    When you are searching for a beautiful tour through Moroccos’ nature, when you want to learn something about the Berber tradition and culture and are curious to see the real Morocco -not only the touristic parts-, then Ilias is the perfect guide for you!

    We started our tour in the scenic village of Ilias family in Dades valley, hiked trough the amazing landscapes of Atlas Mountains to stay in the caves of a real Nomad family, did yoga in the evening, learnd how to cook delicious moroccean food, met many friendly and welcoming people, enjoyed stories about history, widened our knowledge about plants, the Berber language and the basic and pure life within nature. We hiked back another trail with paradise-like gardens, started a little climbing-experience, played drums and sang together, relaxed on the rooftop of his parents’ house and enjoyed fresh tea and self-made food all the time.
    Ilias not only showed us his beloved mountains, but also the Sahara desert, where we rode camels, enjoyed the view in the clear night sky to search for Orion and Jupiter and had a fun time doing sand boarding 😉
    Whatever you are looking for or are interested in, Ilias will make it possible for you and will find a way to make your holidays one of the best experiences of your life.

    We not only found a reliable and passionate guide but also a good friend in Ilias.
    Thank you so much for everything!
    We hope to see you again soon.

  12. Pia on 13.04.2017 at 13:19

    Me and my boyfriend had 4 wonderful days with Elias. We arrived in the evening on the first night and stayed in his family home. The second day we walked to the caves in the mountains, it was great to see the local people, Elisas told us about Berber customs and traditions. The terrain was beautiful and great for trekking. The third day we spent the day walking back to Elias place, the fourth we stayed overnight in the desert with an organized camel trekking tour. All along we were provided excellent food, the best we had in Marocco, especially the food at his family home. We really enjoyed the experience, Elias made everything flow smoothly with no hassle or stress. Thank you for the tour Elias!

  13. Elisa on 10.05.2017 at 19:57

    I almost never write reviews but felt I ought to because the experience with Ilias was something special. If you want to get a bit (or entirely) off the beaten path, then Berber Nomad Trekking is a great choice. Ilias organized a 6 day trip for us, tailoring it to where we wanted to go and how many days we had available. He managed all the details start to finish, allowing us to just relax and enjoy our experience. I generally don’t like going with tour companies or guides but I took a chance with him and was very happy. In fact we have already planned a return trip to Morocco so we can go trekking again with Ilias.

  14. Monika on 13.06.2017 at 18:31

    Initially planning to stay only a few days with Ilias and do the mountain trip I ended up extending my stay to 5 days and doing the desert trip as well.

    Over all it has been a really special experience. Scenery is absolutely beautiful over there and Ilias and his family’s hospitality was heartwarming.
    We did an overnight trip to the mountains where we slept in the caves, wandered around the gardens and beautiful surroundings of his home. At the end of the my stay we got to Merzouga to do the desert trip.

    Ilias is a great guide as he knows every corner, plant & herb of the area. Furthermore, he’s an easy going, flexible and caring guy who will make sure you have an unforgettable Moroccan experience.

  15. Cécile on 12.08.2017 at 17:44

    Loïc et moi avons passé deux jours chez Ilyas en mai dernier. Il nous a reçu très chaleureusement chez lui (chambre simple mais grande et très propre) et nous a cuisiné de savoureux repas. Notre journée de balade dans la vallée de Boumalne Dadés était magique (un des meilleurs moments de nos vacances au Maroc !). Mon seul regret est de n’être pas resté plus longtemps pour pouvoir faire une randonnée de plusieurs jours. N’hésitez pas à à lui écrire pour discuter directement de vos envies de randonnées !

  16. Ann-Sophie on 25.08.2017 at 12:41

    The trekking and desert tour with Ilias was definitely the highlight of our Morocco trip! We had 4 amazing days including hiking through the gorge, swimming in the valley, camping in a cave, cooking traditional food, and riding camels in the desert. It was a lot of fun and we were able to get a great insight into Berber culture and see another side of Morocco far from anything commercial.

    Ilias is a great guide who showed us great places and told us a lot about the country and the region he lives in. He made the tour very individual, it felt like visiting a friend the whole time. And his guest house is amazing!

    The tour was a unique and unforgettable experience, it was really authentic and original and we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you Ilias, for all the impressions and experiences, for spending time with us and also for all the great pictures you took!

  17. Casimiro on 04.11.2017 at 10:55

    With only a day to spend in the Dad̬s, I decided I needed a guide in order to make the most of it. Ilias proved to be the perfect choice Рnot only was he friendly and knowledgeable, he was also very flexible in accommodating my requests for such a limited time and even last minute changes.
    I was hospitably welcomed to his guesthouse (I did not stay overnight, but I it seemed very cozy and clean), and, from there, we headed straight to the Monkey’s Fingers rock formation just across the valley. We crossed the labyrinth fm the fruit and vegetable gardens in the valley, crossed the Dadès and spent a few hours hiking round this spectacular rock formations. In the process, we also explored a bit of the narrow canyon of one of the tributaries do the Dadès and also passed a couple of hamlets and some interesting kasha in ruins.
    Although not the most spectacular hike ever (it was what I could manage I the short time I had), it was still quite scenic and a great relaxed break from the hectic pace of traveling. We ended again at his guesthouse for some tea.
    Ilias also struck me as a cultivated person – we even had interesting discussions on philosophy..

  18. Mumenthaler Alexandre on 16.01.2018 at 23:02

    Nous avons passer une nuit et une magnifique journée avec Iliad, un accueil tellement chaleureux que l’on se sent comme a la maison. La ballade dans le canyon fut un délice, amoureux de sa balle de son pays Ilias aime la Terre et c’est avec u profond respect de l’environnement qu’ il nous a fait découvrir la région. Sa maison est si agreable et sa famille
    tellement accueillante que l’on a qu’ une envie… c’est d’y retourner pour passer du temps avec eux. Merci!

  19. Silvia on 13.04.2018 at 18:12

    Quando mi hanno consigliato Ilias devo ammettere che mai mi sarei immaginata il viaggio stupendo che invece ha organizzato per noi.
    Abbiamo passato 5 giorni insieme a lui, ci ha fatto vivere un esperienza indimenticabile facendoci tuffare nel vero marocco. La sua guest house è un gioiellino in una valle incantanta fuori dal tempo,il suo terrazzo con la magnifica vista sulle montagne vi rimarrá nel cuore. La sua mamma cucinava per noi pietanze tipiche buonissime e abbondanti ogni giorni. Ilias ci ha trattati davvero con o guanti,facendoci sentire come a casa,preoccupandosi per noi e adoperandosi al fine di farci vivere un esperienza vera e non turistica.
    Con lui abbiamo fatto trekking nelle montagne,dormito presso una famiglia nomade,visitato alcune delle gole pù belle della zona e visitato il deserto passando una notte li.
    Onestà,professionalità e un ragazzo gentile e vero. Grazie di tutto, andare via è stato molto triste!
    Consiglio vivamente a tutti di fidarsi di Ilias e di lasciarsi trasportare nei ritmi lenti del marocco.

  20. Julia on 27.05.2018 at 10:59

    I went with Ilias for a three-days-trip from Marrakech to Merzouga desert and back. Because of this short time, and my wish to go hiking and sleeping in the desert camp, Ilias had planed a „bit-of-everything-trip“.

    On the first day we traveled, as the local people are used to, by taxis from Marrakech to the Dades Valley where his guesthouse is situated. The guesthouse has a beautiful interior, the rooms are comfortable and clean and provide a private toilet and shower.
    In the afternoon we went for a short 2 1/2 hours hike through the valley.
    And what a beautiful spot! You’ll hardly find a place, comparable to this gorgeous valley. I’ve never been wandering within such a variety of terrain, flowers, stunning views and amazing stone-structures. That was a short but adventurous trip, as behind every corner something unexpected could be waiting for you. I think I have to return for a proper few-days-hike!
    In the evening we had dinner with his friendly family which was very authentic too, as I could learn something about the eating culture and traditional cuisine.
    That the meal was also delicious has not to be mentioned 😉
    Later we visited some of his friends and played the drums together. After we slept under the stars on the rooftop of the guesthouse we left the place right after breakfast to travel on to the desert of Merzouga.

    We arrived in Merzouga in the early evening and I could take a shower in a hostel before the camel trek started during sunset.
    Walking in the dunes was really amazing, just how you imagined the Sahara. Ilias choosed the best Berber Camp for the night and I had the most tasty tanjine of my whole Morocco-stay. Before sleeping in the tent we played the drums which made it just perfect.
    We started the way back to Marrakech at 6 in the morning after watching the sunrise and it took us nearly 12 hours by bus but it was definitely worth it.

    The whole experience is not comparable to the trips you normally will find with agencies. You don’t feel like being treated as a tourist but moreover you feel like a traveler and a guest. Plus you can tell your preferences and he will plan the trip according to them. With Ilias at your side you have an expert in hiking, nature and culture who supports you in having your own authentic Morocco-traveling-adventure.
    I can highly recommend Berber Nomad Trekking and would like to return one day.

  21. Myriam on 17.06.2018 at 14:41

    We were a group of 14 students and Ilias took us on a 2-day-hike at the beginning of March. On the first day we walked along an exciting canyon. Sometimes you had to climb a bit but Ilias was always there to give you a hand if needed. Unfortunately I didn’t feel too well at this particular day. Ilias often asked me if I was okey and if we should take a short cut. I decided that the normal way was okey. And this was the best decision I could make. The landscape I would have misses was stunning! We also reached a dried up salt lake where we saw so many sparkling salt crystals. Still I was happy when we reached our final destination of the day. Our accommodation was a simple mattress in a cave right next to a nomad family (take warm clothes and a good sleeping bag with you!). Although we could not really talk to them in English they were super friendly. Later in the evening they cooked dinner (typical soup and couscous) for us. Together with Ilias we enjoyed some interesting discussions about life in Morocco and some guitar music at the bonfire. The highlight was when the full moon appeared exactly in front of us. On the second day we got a great breakfast (of cource with some mint tea), said goodbye to our hosts and then we continued our walk on a different way back to our starting point in Boumalne. I warmly recommend Ilias as a guide and the mountain tour, which was the best part of our 10-day journey through Morocco. Ilias cares very well for his guests and knows so many things about his home. Everything felt really authentic and adventurous during our tour! When looking back we think we should have booked our desert tour as well with Ilias.
    Thank you so much Ilias! Hopefully we’ll see us again! Best regards from Switzerland!

  22. Žaneta on 09.10.2018 at 12:33

    His deep voice let you dream when he start telling about history of this country. He knows a lot about his history…he will explain to you all your question. He knows that you wanna run away of turistic trap. If you Are woman he will treat you well. He has emphaty. He is Berber!

  23. Nicola on 18.10.2018 at 21:25

    I had wonderful and amazing three days trip. I travel solo and Ilias help me find the bus, after I arrived at 6 am after my nightly bus trip I got king size bed in the berber room in hotel in MERZOUGA. Ilias is very friendly and smart guy, he showed me what I wanted to see, the camels, berber camp in Sahara and like a bonus I spent with him 2 days in his home Village in Atlas mountain, hiking and exploring the real berber life style, eating Local home Made food every day. Everyone should see his Guest house and Open hearts all people from his big family. I wish I will come back with my friends and spent more time in mountains. 🙂

  24. Carla on 08.12.2018 at 17:24

    I was in Morocco for 9 days, Ilias has been my guide, he never left me alone and he made me comfortable in any situation. He organized everything for me. we went hiking in Atlas, visiting a nomad camp, having some taste of Berber life(music, food), Desert trip, Marrakesh. Most of the time I stayed in his Guesthouse that is lovely, super clean, his family is wonderful, they cook for me everyday (breakfast,lunch,dinner) and the quality of food was super high and fresh. I asked to learn how cook and his sister was so kind to show me how cook a wonderful Tajine, she is the queen of the Tajine. His mum made a wonderful bread everyday. Ilias was always ready to answer to my questions. I can say that he really show me Morocco and the Berber culture. I already miss that place. I highly recommend Ilias.If you want to see more pictures go to my Instagram carla_estrellauk

  25. James on 11.12.2018 at 21:26

    My girlfriend and I did a 6 day trip with Ilias – 2 days trekking in Dades Valley, and 4 days doing the traverse across Jebel Saghro.

    We couldn’t recommend Ilias or the locations highly enough. He is a super friendly, knowledgeable, relaxed guide. We had a long whatsapp conversation before agreeing to the trip, and he was extremely helpful in helping us to decide where to visit, and organised mules and equipment (eg tents, sleeping bags) for us. His guesthouse is beautiful, and even when we were camping / staying in caves in a Berber village, his cooking was excellent!

    The trekking was also out-of-this-world. I’ve trekked a lot all over the world (UK, French Alps, Tibet, India, Indonesia…), bu the variety and beauty of both Dades Valley and Jebel Saghro was extremely special. We saw almost no other tourists, and the scenery was magnificent.

    If you’re going to Morocco, and want to explore the outdoors, use Ilias.

  26. Frans Jutte on 14.01.2019 at 15:45

    A 5-star comment:

    In december 2018 we (a group of 8 people, plus 1 child aged 10 months) liked to visit Morocco.
    During my search on the internet I found “Berber Nomad Trekking” of which the comments were all very positive.
    I got in contact with Ilias and he reacted very quickly and answered all questions.
    He offered us to stay in his guesthouse and a 2 day walk with 1 night in a cave.

    Upon arrival in his guesthouse he directly showed what kind of person he is: “my guesthouse is your house now’.
    Ilias is an amazing guide. Relaxed and very friendly.
    He is not rushing at all, allthough he might want to do more than his guests are capable.
    E.g. on our returning day from the caves, he has planned a lunch in his guesthouse and a new walk in the neigbourhood.
    In fact, we arrived at 16:00 hrs in the guesthouse and treated the lunch as an early dinner for we were glad we could take off our shoes.
    But on that returning day Ilias was never pushing people for he had planned a lunch and another walk.
    We heard about his plans upon arrival in his questhouse and were all laughing out loud (including Ilias).

    If you want to do something adventures in Morocco and to feel local live, donot hestitate to contact Ilias.
    He will work for you and care for you every minute.

    His guesthouse is a very good place to stay and eat, but be aware that you have to bring warm clothes during the winter period, for the living/dining room and the sleeping rooms are not centrally heated.
    A small heater in the living room helps, but not enough to make you warm.

    Next time we visit Morocco we will definitely contact Ilias again.

    Ilias, thank you for a great time.
    Frans, Wilma, Eef, Caroliene, Hans, Rogier, Willemien, Arthur, Leonie.

  27. Jens Wielandt on 25.02.2019 at 10:17

    My girlfriend and I did the 2 days trekking with an overnight stay in the caves afterwhich we did another 2 days in the desert with an overnight stay in berber tents. Both of the trips were amazing! Ilias knows the area perfectly well and is an amazing guide!We also stayed at his guesthouse for 2 more nights, which was very clean and cosy. So what can I say, best stay in Morocco was with Ilias, no doubt!
    Kind regards, Jens and Joe PS: We will meet again soon!!!

  28. Gaëlle on 29.01.2020 at 12:44

    Junaury 2020,
    Marocan wonderfull nature’s spirit for my first trip alone…

    Spending 5 days between Dadès and the desert made me realise how powerfull marocan landscapes are. It has many kind of shapes and colors, the sky melting to the mountain is the most beautifull on earth, the air is pure and the sun reaches you.
    Thanks to Ilias trekkings, I had the chance to go to some very unique places, to meet wonderfull nomads and people from his town, to live the berber style life for few days in his familly’s house and deconnect from the city life.

    Ilias is a very welcoming person, and I enjoyed walking and talking about history, geography, phylosophy with him during the trekks.
    His familly’s house is a very conforting one with a fire place where time passes slowly during the cold night in the winter, it has a common room where I loved meeting and spending time with people from all over the world and talking with Ilias familly. The food is the best, made by beautifull womans downstairs and I recommand to go and spend time with them to learn how to cook a tajine. The bedrooms are very cosy and well equiped, i love the carpets all over the room. The house is a traditional one made with natural materials (soil, straw, tadelakt, wood …) that Ilias takes care of and renovates little by little. At the top of the house, the terrasse is really something when it snows or when the sun sets … It is situated right in the middle of the valley so you can feel the mountains energy from there.

    As for the trekkings, we made two days in Dadès Valley, which gives me the time to understand the different shapes of it. It is very interesting to figure the different periods of the valley’s creation. I loved all the different kind of rocks, minerals … colors. We also cross the country to go to the desert (Merzouga) and slept there in tants. What I recall the most from this experience is the most wonderfull starsky I’ve seen and the music played by the host (and Ilias himself, who also appears to be a very good musician). We also made a stop in the Draa Valley which is well know for climbing.
    I also enjoyed spending time in the village, go to shops, listen to people takling to each other, look at the kinds are playing together … If you take the time, you will enjoy living there for few days…

    I highly recommand anyone who is searching for natural, authentical, spiritual, social times to go to Taffsut guesthouse and book at least a 2 days trekking. I enjoyed my time their and I look forward to come back again.

    Thank you Ilias, your familly, and your friends ! I will remember this trip for sure.


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