The Mountain Experience

Dades Valley, Roses Valley, Gorge Todgha

From Marrakech, traveling outside the usual tourist routes, in shipment between wilderness and ancient cultures and traditions. Contact the most authentic part of ourselves and access to age-old healing and magical knowledge.

The variety of landscapes and intensity of sensations characterizes this rich itinerary in Morocco. The mountain paths of the Berber villages, precious argan and rose oil and the meeting of the Berber women who produce them and retain the secrets, sign a beneficial relationship between man and the environment. Inspiration for a trip of knowledge and attunement with nature.

I know every single stone, tree and flower and I will show you all these beautiful things with a passion that makes you want to stay there forever. We will walk along the ocher canyons and gorges eroded by time, having a stop from time to time to relax in the shadow of ancient trees.

Collecting wood and sticks for a fire. Sipping a mint tea served in traditional glasses. Meditating or speaking softly.

Reaching small villages surrounded by gardens where ancient kasbahs cling, then follow again the nomads’ paths that climb like snakes charmed by the flute up the Atlas Mountains.

A journey full of wonder, beauty and charm, an opportunity to expand the capacity to feel and blend. Your feet will walk while your eyes and your heart are filled by the beauty of the landscape: red soil, green gardens, blue sky. Shadows changing with clouds, soothing sound of the river.

Even a storm is a blessing, a miracle: dozens of waterfalls begin to gush forth from rock walls, the soil changes to brown absorbing the rain, waterways now are red and tumultuous.

This trip will lead you to the discovery of nature and encourage openness and exchange with people and local knowledge. We’ll sleep in the caves where a nomad family lives. We’ll cook our food there, learning how to prepare traditional dishes as tajin and couscous.

Do not miss this opportunity and, for those who want to, coming back from the trekking, indulge in a memorable afternoon of well-being in a typical hammam, according to long ancestral rituals, including a wise massage with argan oil.

Choose the duration of your trip

We will plan the trip and trekking hours per day so that they will suit your condition and wishes.


  • Day trekking only, no nights in the mountain. 3-8 hours.
  • 2 days (one night) trip sleeping with Ilias in the caves
  • 3 days trip (two nights) from Gorges Dades to Gorges Todgha
  • 4-6 days trips also available in Dades Valley

Mountain + Desert Experience

Mountain + Desert trip also availabe: 4-6 days trekking trip from Dades Valley to Roses Valley +trip to the desert 2 days from Dades Valley to  Merzouga désert.

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